I Pretend Well...

Disadventures of a comic/actress turned homeschooler












Wait, wait, wait, I have an amazing new idea. How about we fix the American school system.

So glad I was homeschooled….

My 1970s stylin tiny lunch date.

Wrestling match victory. @reynaldswrap 1. Me 0.

It was quiet. TOO quiet. What were they up to? And then I saw them. Top bunk co-reading. Oh how they disgust me. My brother and I would be bleeding by now.#ParentFail

I know this is making the rounds but I CONCUR!! I have a few NO BS friends and would love more… so I don’t have to seethe in silence. =)

Tiny in rehearsal for “I don’t want to live on Mars” music video. =) @ZiggyMarley

Tiny’s birthday cupcakes with her ballet buddies.

Oh my God… It’s May and my kids already have Nutcracker on loop. #balletkids #ballet #Yay?

Waiting to enter. #Paquita

This is very sweet.

My kids better feel this way when they grow up.

And they better put me in their movie.

My town is such a hussy. #Hollywood #GraffittiArt #LaBrea

Tiny knocking out some ADR.

My tiny can figure out the 3 different remotes for the entertainment center but can’t tie his shoes. #ParentOfTheYear #NailedIt

Hello Hollywood!

Minecrafting ballerinas.